Saturday, May 10, 2014

dRachEmUsiK Collaborations (onewayness & Joo Won Park)

dRachEmUsiK recently released two new albums as a part of separate collaborations with onewayness and Joo Won Park.

Immeasureable is a collaborative long-form ambient album by dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner) and onewayness (Adam Holquist). This album is based around the brahmavihāras or the “four immeasurables”, which is a series of Buddhist beliefs and practices. Meditative, droney, and contemplative, Immeasurable is a pleasure for the spiritual explorer.

Side Dish Side Affect is the collaborative project between Joo Won Park and Charles Shriner. This is an eclectic and experimental noise album that combines several different unusual elements. Side Dish Side Affect looks to provoke abnormal and unfamiliar emotions from the listener through improvised noise by creating abstract, organic, and textural audio environments.