Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anilah - Warrior

Warrior is the debut album of solo vocalist and composer, Anilah.

Warrior is an incredible work that fuses together new age and old world music elements, being inspired by ritual ambient, neofolk, progressive metal, and shamanism. Anilah has created something that is best described as spiritual, cathartic, esoteric, and ethereal. A quote from her Facebook page..

"Anilah is the solo project of vocalist and composer Dréa Drury, a musician based in the Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada. Her inspirations draw from traditional shamanic sound practices, sacred chant, dark tribal, and Indian Classical. She has studied the art of using the voice as a healing modality with sound healers and shamans over the past 10 years. This has led to her own exploration of the esoteric application of sound, which she now weaves into the tapestry of her musical expression. Her compositions are a fusion of dark ambient and chants, with elements of progressive rock and visionary drone soundscapes. Despite training in a variety of musical traditions, she acknowledges her connection to nature, meditation, and moments of complete sensory absorption - to be her primary teachers. She believes that music is medicine."