Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wychdoktor - Totem

Totem is the new full length release by Wychdoktor.

Wychdoktor has created a deep, dark cinematic album of ritualistic and tribal ambient noise with the release of Totem. The fourteen tracks glue together cohesively and diversely, telling a vivid atmospheric story. Totem is isolating and otherworldly, drawing the listener into a nightmarish hallucination that ends with some sense of relief. A journey worth experiencing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beastwars Review

This New Zealand based four-piece doom and sludge metal band has released two albums since May, 2011, the self-titled Beastwars and the followup Blood Becomes Fire.

Inspired by apocalyptic visions of a not to distant future, Beastwars commands a masterful awareness of "heavy" fusion music. Catchy old school rock and punk grooves meld with ultra heavy blues metal styled riffing. The vocal delivery is raw and impassioned, which really helps in capturing the primal feel that the band is going for. The songwriting demonstrates signs of influence from alternative music of the 90's as well as a suggested influence from Black Sabbath, showing adept diversity in composition techniques. From the debut album, Iron Wolf is a good example of these characteristics as the song leans at times more towards a somber ballad then builds rhythmically later on. The album opener, Damn The Sky, however throws the listeners into a powerful guttural chug that sets a clear tone for the entire work. Cthulhu is perhaps the most developed piece on this album, as Beastwars begins to really show their progressive and atmospheric tendencies that they explore further in their second release. Though we should not ignore the devastating album closer, Empire, which emphatically states that Beastwars will be back from more.

Picking up where they left off, Blood Becomes Fire opens with Dune, another powerful guttural song that chugs along and provokes constant movement from the listener. The lyrics "shake your soul" become audible at the end of the track, implying what is in store for the journey that their music is taking both themselves and the audience on. It feels as if on this album that Beastwars had a lot more room to flex their muscles, musically speaking, thus creating more composed and dynamic songs that hint towards post-rock/metal tendencies while retaining their inclination towards producing primordial ooze. With this we are able to witness a truly monolithic display of emotion and contemplation. A contemplation ever hinting towards physical deletion. Realms throws the listener into a primal cathartic sway with half whispered vocals weaving a narrative around the listener about the state of human existence, while growing again into that familiar shamanic influenced half shout, half blues rock wailing vocal tone. The following track, Riverman, again demonstrates Beastwars depth of songwriting and personality by building a thought provoking blues and jazz flavored verse into explosively pulverizing chorus waves. Caul of Time is perhaps the track that best acts as a microcosm for describing what Beastwars is about, a sincere proclamation of end times as seen in the signs with a groove that cannot be denied. Blood Becomes Fire continues on in an epic fashion culminating with the shoegaze fueled dissonance of The Sleeper, perhaps Beastwars most beautiful, uplifting, and articulate song; beckoning the soul to awaken.

Noctivagant - The Sleep of Reason

The Sleep of Reason is an 8 track EP released in 2013 by the Russian atmospheric black metal duo, Noctivagant.

This is a cold yet elegant album lush with hypnotic and melodic layering. Noctivagant pay as much attention to ambiance and atmosphere as they do to slowly and carefully moving their isolation and despair driven compositions progressively along. A soothing sadness pervades The Sleep of Reason, one that seeps into the listeners being and provides an escape to another world, a world of desolate frost covered beauty.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

people-eaters - Disincarnate

Disincarnate is the 8 track EP by the ritual ambient project, people-eaters.

This album takes place on the peripherals of the senses. It tantalizes with a disturbed presence and undulation that provokes visions of things some may find better left unseen. Listen in the dark, with headphones.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ian Haygreen

Ian Haygreen is an experimental electronic musician based out of Halstead, UK that specializes in making atmospheric dark ambient music.

Ian utilizes a deliberate and paced approached to songwriting with these two tracks by heavily emphasizing the atmosphere and setting of the music with noise sampling and synthetic ambiance while adding melodic touches of neoclassical piano stylings. Storm and Myrkur are perceptive, emotional and thought provoking compositions.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Draugurinn - Móðuharðindin

Dark/Ritual Ambient released in 2012.

Draugurinn conjures up visions of a foggy forest-scape which is inhabited by a mysterious entity of a dark demeanor. A shamanic trip into the underworld awaits.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Godflesh - Decline and Fall

Godflesh releases their first album since 2001 with, Decline and Fall.

A crisp, in your face, and well mixed EP. Godflesh packs lots of punch with various old-school rock, metal, and punk tendencies that culminate into a dark, futuristic, and industrialized aesthetic on Decline and Fall. This album is a refreshing take on alternative rock music with more traditional and less experimental song structures, giving perhaps a glimpse at the possible revival of genuine "popular" alternative music as well as Godflesh's upcoming full length due in September.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hologram_ - geometrical keys

New album by Hologram_.

Geometrical keys is a groove, texture, and movement laden electronic fusion album that highlights the use of dubstep influenced IDM and cinematic ambient. Hologram_ frequently makes use of noise, spoken word, and neo-classical melodies to create and narrate a darkened futuristic landscape that which is populated by frenzied and aggressive industrialized dance beats.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Novemthree - Renewing Review

Here is a review or more like a narrative commentary of Novemthree's, Renewing.

Mystical acoustic guitars greet the listener as they gain awareness within that twilight space, the hypnagogic in-between. Gently they are escorted above a tree covered landscape, flying and free. Entrancing drums and rattles work to elevate while a melodious layering of vocals and various other instruments guide the listener, as if a dreamer, back safely to the ground; inviting them to fall asleep again with the solemn earth, with the rustling dead leaves. With that, Soil Binds Breath and Bone, for it is on the breath that the physical meets the spiritual and so too does the dreamer fall back to sleep.

Sunlight begins to creep into perception, edging on that ever elusive awakening. Rejuvenating and full of life, this bright, benevolent, and purifying light washes away confusion and delusion, the mental cob webs that are cast by the metaphysical boxes of the ever imposing modern man. Now a trance builds slowly, propelled by a yearning for that which has been lost during life proceeded by a restless fall into the deep drone of decay, the Autumnal Procession. Whimsical and enchanting, a flute entices, while drums steady and vocals crescendo. An increasing sense of awareness comes over the dreamer and with that the knowledge of the impending and unstoppable change that is coming, the awakening. Through this revelation a dance breaks out, fed by a respect for the world around and a deep understanding of the death that is always rapidly approaching; this dance is carried off into yet another dreamscape, by astonishingly beautiful flute playing.

Death has arrived and with him the knowledge of necessity, decay, and rebirth. Upon alters rest the bones of time gone by, both of the dreamer’s and those remembered. Sing of Beauty; devastating and empowering, real and unreal, the song of life. A Long Shadow creeps, with this death and rebirth, come a harmony of self and depth of personality. A true understanding for that which is not commonly understood by modern man; grasping of a lost and ancient tongue of ancestral knowledge, one that speaks of the patterns and the cycles of that which is natural.

Now awake, The River Splits the Stone. The dreamer is purpose-filled and uplifted by the purity attained from cleansing the ego and growing, by eroding that internal blockage. Now, life peels away one mystery and trades it for yet another but the dreamer is better prepared, knowing it is best to travel light and speak with a kind tongue. Nevertheless the dreamer senses that the truth of reality will always be shrouded in mystery, which even with this new-found sense of self - life will remain still what it was in many ways before but now the dreamer may be comforted by a greater understanding of this life that is lived and the chaos that surrounds it.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

3:33 - Bicameral Brain

Bicameral Brain is the double album released by the collective 3:33.

A fusion of noise, experimental, drone, and ritual/dark/black ambient with hip-hop/rock infused beats. Groovy, textural, primitive, hypnotic, and utterly sublime. The vibe on this record is just unreal.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Johnny Hollow - A Collection of Creatures

A Collection of Creatures is a unique new album by the eclectic fusion group, Johnny Hollow.

Johnny Hollow takes inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as industrial, ambient, IDM, trip hop, and rock to craft their groovy darkened sound.

Willow Beats - Alchemy

Willow Beats' 2013 release, Alchemy.

A superb blend of experimental tinged chillwave, glitch, psychedelic, hip-hop, and dubstep influenced electronic music. The songs on the this EP develop nicely into catchy, inspired pop melodies. Alchemy works to provoke an overall uplifting and cleansing vibe while remaining danceable.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anilah - Warrior

Warrior is the debut album of solo vocalist and composer, Anilah.

Warrior is an incredible work that fuses together new age and old world music elements, being inspired by ritual ambient, neofolk, progressive metal, and shamanism. Anilah has created something that is best described as spiritual, cathartic, esoteric, and ethereal. A quote from her Facebook page..

"Anilah is the solo project of vocalist and composer Dréa Drury, a musician based in the Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada. Her inspirations draw from traditional shamanic sound practices, sacred chant, dark tribal, and Indian Classical. She has studied the art of using the voice as a healing modality with sound healers and shamans over the past 10 years. This has led to her own exploration of the esoteric application of sound, which she now weaves into the tapestry of her musical expression. Her compositions are a fusion of dark ambient and chants, with elements of progressive rock and visionary drone soundscapes. Despite training in a variety of musical traditions, she acknowledges her connection to nature, meditation, and moments of complete sensory absorption - to be her primary teachers. She believes that music is medicine."

Sun Worshipper - Elder Giants

New Album by Sun Worshipper. Elder Giants, combines traits of noise, ritual, ambient, drone, and groove into progressive black metal.

Nadja - Queller

Queller is the new album by the experimental noise metal duo, Nadja.

Nadja layers an astounding combination of build, texture, and progression with this release.

Here is the bio from their Facebook page.

"Nadja is a duo of Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff alternately based in Toronto, Canada & Berlin, Germany. Nadja originally began in 2003 as a solo project for Baker to explore the heavier/noisier side of his experimental/ambient guitar-based music. In 2005 Buckareff joined in order to make the project more than just a studio endeavour & allow Nadja to perform live.

Nadja creates music that has been variously described as drone metal, ambient doom, and shoegazer, combining soundscapes, electronics, & atmospheric vocals & tempering the cacophony with an ethereal melodicism such that the listener is enveloped in a sublimating wall of amorphous sound."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heathen Harvest Periodical

Heathen Harvest is a fantastic art news site that specializes in underground music. They provide excellent in-depth reviews as well as features/interviews for the darker styles of the world-wide post-industrial music scene, such as; Ambient, Metal, Drone, Noise, Darkwave, Folk, Experimental, Electronic, Industrial, Classical, and Gothic. We found out about projects such as Novemthree and Heathen Harnow via this site and highly recommend them.

Heathen Harnow - Flykt

Flykt is a new EP released by the mysterious neofolk project, Heathen Harnow.

Flykt is an album rich with ethereal atmosphere and ancestral wisdom. Minimal, dark, and melodic; Heathen Harnow works to provoke an ancient knowledge, now mostly forgotten. Sorrowful and empathetic, this album maintains a reverence for death as well as a longing for life's beauty.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Silence Is A Virus - Imperial

Imperial is the new EP from Copenhagen, Denmark based four piece alternative post-metal/rock band, Silence Is A Virus.

Imperial is a diverse and well balanced three track album that fuses together a wide variety of the newest technical developments being made across all of the many sub-genres of metal and rock. Hook driven, heavy, and progressive - Silence Is A Virus delivers with memorable riffs and surprising depth over just three songs.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

dRachEmUsiK Collaborations (onewayness & Joo Won Park)

dRachEmUsiK recently released two new albums as a part of separate collaborations with onewayness and Joo Won Park.

Immeasureable is a collaborative long-form ambient album by dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner) and onewayness (Adam Holquist). This album is based around the brahmavihāras or the “four immeasurables”, which is a series of Buddhist beliefs and practices. Meditative, droney, and contemplative, Immeasurable is a pleasure for the spiritual explorer.

Side Dish Side Affect is the collaborative project between Joo Won Park and Charles Shriner. This is an eclectic and experimental noise album that combines several different unusual elements. Side Dish Side Affect looks to provoke abnormal and unfamiliar emotions from the listener through improvised noise by creating abstract, organic, and textural audio environments.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Indian - From All Purity

From All Purity is the newest release from Chicago, Illinois based Noise Metal band, Indian.

Indian unleashes a scathing and hate filled delivery with the release of their fourth full length album, From All Purity. From All Purity is an intense near non-stop barrage to the senses of decaying putrid noise. Indian forgoes typical songs structure on this album in order to create a uniquely layered atmosphere of vivid darkness, a void. Pulsating walls of paralyzing sound carry on unrelenting yet satisfyingly towards this darkened rift into another dimension.

LORD MANTIS - Death Mask

Death Mask is the new album by the Chicago, Illinois based four piece Noise Metal band, LORD MANTIS.

Dark, deep, and gritty; Death Mask is a superb amalgamation of black, sludge, doom, and death among other genres of metal. LORD MANTIS drags the listener through their inner-most turmoils, grinding them abrasively into a catharsis with the cold earthen ground. Death Mask provides an interestingly progressive composition that continues turning over while adding or adjusting parts from section to section by using non-conventional or experimental song structures. LORD MANTIS has both primal and advanced technological elements present on this album, which allows for substantial depth throughout the entire work.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Black Tongue - Born Hanged

Here is the new EP, Born Hanged by Black Tongue.

Black Tongue is a five piece Doomwave Metal Band from Hull, England. Born Hanged is a devastatingly heavy album as well as being dynamic, well mixed, and high-tech; featuring a compelling fusion of many of the more "extreme" genres of metal wrapped in an Earth shattering sound design.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

novemthree - Renewing

A must listen neofolk album. Haunting melodies, chilling ambiance, and mesmerizing rhythms that take you on a dreamy journey deep inside of yourself. Minimal, ritualistic, and soothing. This album will stay with you.

novemthree is a folk project from The Pacific Northwest that emphasizes a humble do it yourself attitude as well as the importance of respecting and living in harmony with the natural world that we are so effortlessly usurping. A quote from their Bandcamp page - "Crafting gently dark and dreamlike tunes of psychedelic-fringed folk music with verses inspired by a longing for a connection with Nature, the sense of solitude and peace in the vastness of the cosmos, meandering reflections on life and loss."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


New release on Bandcamp from Bryant Clifford Meyer's 'Taiga'. A quote from his Facebook.. "2 new Taiga cassette / digital releases out today via Bandcamp - "Musikecassette III" is the third installment of the Musikecassette series...".

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Biomass, Shivasongster, Robert Dorschel, dRachEmUsiK, & More

This review article features sixteen artists from around the world that are involved in the electronic music culture in some way or another. Each artist presented has a unique take on sound and blends their influences together in order to create entirely original styles. The types of sounds that you will be hearing are best described in general as experimental and DIY. It is worth noting that a number of these artists have participated in the annual Electro-Music Festival. Please do check out their network of sites to find out more about EM.


Biomass is Walter Douglas, who bases this project out of Los Angeles, California. Biomass creates a type of music that puts emphasis on cohesion and immersion with the intent of leading the listener towards extreme and powerful psychedelic trance states. Biomass bases a good portion of this musical direction from Shamanic elements, building an almost catatonic synchronicity within the music, making the listener become part of the actual experience.

"My approach to sound creation is to attempt to develop and process sound that becomes a unique feeling and/or place which is also smooth in its cycling. I usually try to build up layers of sound vertically to a total moment in which everything is going and then deconstruct from there. So there is a buildup, a peak moment is reached and then a break down." says Walter of his composition style. Geometry and visualized patterns play a significant role in the desired effects of the music, taking the listener on a synethesia inducing voyage.

Looping and one's own internal feedback loop play large roles in the music of biomass. The album Energy, a 2011 release, is a complex layering of sounds, textures, and rhythms that Walter blurs together, creating music that is almost indefinable in its nature. In ways it is as if the music almost isn't even there in how immersive an experience it can become. The main driving concept of Energy is to create soundscapes through synchronization that provides the listener with a gateway into another dimension of “energy” itself.


Shivasongster is a music project based out of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania by Jeremy DePrisco. Jeremy is a multi-instrumental fusion musician who creates experimental music with influences from roots music, rock, and electronic.

“Right now I am trying to bridge the gap between my two primary personas of acoustic musician and electro artist. It's a difficult place to be in some ways as I live in bluegrass country in Central PA, so electro doesn't have a strong audience here. There are a few of us though, and when the planets align occasionally cool things happen. Unfortunately, "electro" to most people (if they understand it at all) tends to mean DJ tracks, or EDM for dancing. That is not what I am really into. I am more into creating sounds, composition, and definitely more narrative work.” says Jeremy of his current musical situation. Shivasongster’s music certainly does present a wide array of influences from old world to new world, as is demonstrated by Jeremy’s amazing and inventive work on his Balkan experiments.

When asked “What are some of your major inspirations/influences in electronic music?” Jeremy says “It all really starts with growing up around electronics, being a computer geek during the dot-com boom, and also my love of recording. I'm a child of the 80s, and that bit of musical history had an irreversible impact. The Dr. Who Theme was embedded in my memory from a young age, and I was also inspired by Hearts of Space and Echoes on NPR. In the late 80s I got a 4-track cassette recorder and fell in love with recording. I really liked playing with keyboards, but I was really not a keyboard player (still not). I was also learning and growing as a singer-songwriter with a guitar so there was material that was suitable for live performance, and there was a lot of other "spacey" stuff that just didn't make sense to bring out to the world at that point. I was also admittedly over-critical of sound quality. As I've learned, a lot of people from that time were just releasing their stuff on cassettes. I wanted to let things incubate a bit longer. Of course, these days people *try* to make things sound gritty and warm like those old four tracks! I did the high school rock band thing, and had some other projects in the folk-rock vein, but was never that satisfied with the experience of live performance. I always kept recording because that was where I could let go and experiment. I couldn't point to any single artists from that period in terms of electronic artists, but over the years I guess I gravitate more toward found sound, musique concrete, and the psychoacoustic work of more mainstream bands like Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Nine Inch Nails. But these days it can be anything from Bjork to Beck that really inspires me. More obscure stuff like you find at EM (Electro-Music). I like what Mark Mosher is doing, and how Kip Rosser works with narrative. Also really like Joo Won Park's approach. Of course I enjoy most of Brian Eno's work, Vesilene (a fringe artist from a now defunkt netlabel) and I'm inspired by people like Richard Feynman and Tom Waits. In fact, when a friend introduced me to Waits' music, pretty much everything changed.”

Jeremy also performs with his wife, Audra, in a folk duo name Fricknadorable. They perform inspired folk tunes from years past and occasionally original material in the Pennsylvania area with an emphasis on the fun and light-hearted side of music.

Robert Dorschel

Robert Dorschel is a multi-instrumental experimental musician based out of Syracuse, New York. Robert combines numerous influences from all aspects of music to create his compositions, emphasizing his electronic work on softer picture-esque soundscapes.

Robert said when asked of his musical inspirations “I feel I was born at exactly the right time, musically, and technologically. My first two computers didn't have a mouse and I got into MIDI early on (1985). I was brought up on Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Early Rush and Police, and so forth, but experienced the New Wave early gothic, punk, and synth movements. It’s a difficult thing to narrow down what my musical influences were, but I do know what sound I strived for: that Peter Gabriel Aura, first and foremost. His sound is phenomenal and has more layers than an onion, not to mention those complex chords. Right next to him on my chart of music-writing goal would be Thomas Dolby. His catalog is quite impressive, once you sift through it. Then comes New Order, David Bowie (mid-70s to mid-90s), and then NIN during all that early shift in industrial synth rock. In the 90s I fell into ambient synth music, not the 4/4 dance club stuff, but the more avant stuff, like The Orb. Somehow everything listed above had one other influence in common though: Robert Fripp and Tony Levin.”

“Ever since Peter Gabriel released the instrumental soundtrack for the movie “Birdy,” and then “The Last Temptation of Christ” back to back at the height of his musical career, it instilled in me the feeling of, “gee whiz, it’s okay to pursue instrumental-only music as my primary love.” That released me into experimenting with a sound palette more so than the musical structure.” says Robert about his specific electronic music inspirations. A lot of Robert’s recent work has gone down this pathway of more cinematic soundscape composition, bringing the listener to meditative and contemplative place that is often relaxing and peaceful yet also melancholic at times as well. That isn't to say that Robert doesn't have much dimension, as he clearly demonstrates quite a bit of musical range in ability through his "Ditty-A-Day" project, where he was quickly creating quality and varied original tracks in a short amount of time. This project shows his ability level on a number of different musical skill sets.


dRachEmUsik is Charles Shriner, a project based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Charles’ music combines a plethora of nuanced techniques in order to create groovy and meditative soundscapes; giving structure to improvisation. This style manifests itself into an organic and natural composition of a free flowing design.

In 2011 dRachEmUsiK released the extended play, Speakeasy. Speakeasy is an album drenched in inspiration, thoughtfulness, and a hopeful sense of what is to come. Alive eases the listener into this environment as a combination of funk and jazz are jettisoned into outer space. The track Spider brings the listener to the most contemplative piece in the album, evoking the sense of vicariously observing not only the lives of others but in a way your own as well. It is also worth noting that Speakeasy prominently features creative use of spoken word poetry and odd vocal manipulations.

Ace Paradise

Ace Paradise is a music project based out a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ace rhythmically infuses upbeat and positive atmosphere with fast moving, technical, and organic composition. “WorldBeat” and tribal polyrhythm take deep root in this music while presenting a futuristic blend of synthetic textures with a fairly sophisticated level of production. Using masterful command of subtleties does Ace move the music along in constant change while riding the groove like an ocean's tide.

June Bug is a recent single by Ace, being released last September. June Bug is a very high-energy track. A fun and playful percussive and bass rhythm are most prominent on this piece, which also features more of a vocal dynamic than some of Ace's other pieces; adding a very interesting layer of dimension.


UNA is a music project by Bryant Clifford Meyer, formerly of the now defunct Post-Rock/Shoegaze outfit ISIS, that is based out of California. UNA takes inspiration from minimalist techno and ambient soundscapes, creating music that is melancholic yet hopeful, dark yet danceable. Pression, released in 2013, is a progressively composed album with some subtle and at other times not as subtle dub influences.

Modulator ESP

Modulator ESP is a music project by Jez Creek that is based out of Nottingham, England. Modulator ESP is highly experimental soundscapes that focus on dark ambiance and abstract drone. The 2013 release, Inner Cosmos, is a lush album with continually intriguing developments in environment designed to surprise the listener through an immersive and subtle flow of spacey noise.

Jack Hertz

Jack Hertz is a music project based out of California. Jack’s music is experimental and ambient in its nature, often incorporating an array of noises and drones. Released in January of 2013, Computer Music III is a monolithic album of computer inspired sounds. Swirling about in a jazz-like fashion with continual shifts of pitch and tempo, this album entrances with a variety of textures; at times more relaxed and others more intense.

Cousin Silas

Cousin Silas is a music project based out of the United Kingdom. Cousin Silas’ music is ambient and textural, often times being calm and meditative while on other occasions being much more dark. The 2013 release, Whisper Falls is an airy, astral, and peaceful album with roots in relaxation and a cinematic visual soundscape.

Neil Nail Alexander

Neil Nail Alexander is a music project based out of Newburgh, New York. Neil makes a wide a range of music but primarily focuses on experimental jazz fusion. The 2007 release, Tugging At The Infinite is an elaborate jazz fusion laden progressive album that is performed by Neil’s group – Neil Alexander & Nail. Catchy rhythm and impressive turns by astounding instrumentalists abound.

Cranial Mythos

Cranial Mythos is music project based out of Asheville, North Carolina by Greg Waltzer. Greg creates lush abstract ambiance through a complex weaving of synthetic noises and samples. Greg along with his wife Hong, together organize and put on the Electro-Music Festival as well as operate


Onewayness is a music project based out of Erie, Pennsylvania by Adam Holquist. Onewayness is experimental music of a highly progressive nature. The 2011 release, Blue Star Is Freezing is an elaborate and elegant fusion of so many different variants of music, being unusual in the best of ways.


100ss is Joo Won Park, a highly experimental artist that creates uniquely textured ambient pieces by recording and processing noises. Joo uses a number of unusual sound sources, including most interestingly toys and house hold items. These techniques often bring out abstract combinations of percussive and tonal textures that are far outside the realms of ordinary imagination.

Todd Campbell

Todd Campbell is a multi-instrumental musician that creates electro-acoustic percussive oriented improvisational material. Released in 2010, Translations is a experimental rock and funk infused album; demonstrating superb musicianship.

Tony Farris

Tony Farris is a multi-instrumental musician that plays a wide variety of music styles. Tony works perhaps most notably with the bass guitar, creating some very intriguing organic looped based solo material. Tony's solo ambient work is highly textural and lush, often being drone oriented.

Scott Patire

Scott Patire is an multi-instrumental musician that creates progressive infused ambient pieces. Scott’s music is an interesting blend of ambiance and progressive rock with splashes of folk and multi-cultural influences, providing an intriguing throwback feel to new school methods.

We would like to thank all of the artists that participated in the interviews, it is greatly appreciated. If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns about this article please feel free to contact us.

Written by Ryan
Edited by Ryan & Sarah