Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hologram_ - geometrical keys

New album by Hologram_.

Geometrical keys is a groove, texture, and movement laden electronic fusion album that highlights the use of dubstep influenced IDM and cinematic ambient. Hologram_ frequently makes use of noise, spoken word, and neo-classical melodies to create and narrate a darkened futuristic landscape that which is populated by frenzied and aggressive industrialized dance beats.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Novemthree - Renewing Review

Here is a review or more like a narrative commentary of Novemthree's, Renewing.

Mystical acoustic guitars greet the listener as they gain awareness within that twilight space, the hypnagogic in-between. Gently they are escorted above a tree covered landscape, flying and free. Entrancing drums and rattles work to elevate while a melodious layering of vocals and various other instruments guide the listener, as if a dreamer, back safely to the ground; inviting them to fall asleep again with the solemn earth, with the rustling dead leaves. With that, Soil Binds Breath and Bone, for it is on the breath that the physical meets the spiritual and so too does the dreamer fall back to sleep.

Sunlight begins to creep into perception, edging on that ever elusive awakening. Rejuvenating and full of life, this bright, benevolent, and purifying light washes away confusion and delusion, the mental cob webs that are cast by the metaphysical boxes of the ever imposing modern man. Now a trance builds slowly, propelled by a yearning for that which has been lost during life proceeded by a restless fall into the deep drone of decay, the Autumnal Procession. Whimsical and enchanting, a flute entices, while drums steady and vocals crescendo. An increasing sense of awareness comes over the dreamer and with that the knowledge of the impending and unstoppable change that is coming, the awakening. Through this revelation a dance breaks out, fed by a respect for the world around and a deep understanding of the death that is always rapidly approaching; this dance is carried off into yet another dreamscape, by astonishingly beautiful flute playing.

Death has arrived and with him the knowledge of necessity, decay, and rebirth. Upon alters rest the bones of time gone by, both of the dreamer’s and those remembered. Sing of Beauty; devastating and empowering, real and unreal, the song of life. A Long Shadow creeps, with this death and rebirth, come a harmony of self and depth of personality. A true understanding for that which is not commonly understood by modern man; grasping of a lost and ancient tongue of ancestral knowledge, one that speaks of the patterns and the cycles of that which is natural.

Now awake, The River Splits the Stone. The dreamer is purpose-filled and uplifted by the purity attained from cleansing the ego and growing, by eroding that internal blockage. Now, life peels away one mystery and trades it for yet another but the dreamer is better prepared, knowing it is best to travel light and speak with a kind tongue. Nevertheless the dreamer senses that the truth of reality will always be shrouded in mystery, which even with this new-found sense of self - life will remain still what it was in many ways before but now the dreamer may be comforted by a greater understanding of this life that is lived and the chaos that surrounds it.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

3:33 - Bicameral Brain

Bicameral Brain is the double album released by the collective 3:33.

A fusion of noise, experimental, drone, and ritual/dark/black ambient with hip-hop/rock infused beats. Groovy, textural, primitive, hypnotic, and utterly sublime. The vibe on this record is just unreal.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Johnny Hollow - A Collection of Creatures

A Collection of Creatures is a unique new album by the eclectic fusion group, Johnny Hollow.

Johnny Hollow takes inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as industrial, ambient, IDM, trip hop, and rock to craft their groovy darkened sound.

Willow Beats - Alchemy

Willow Beats' 2013 release, Alchemy.

A superb blend of experimental tinged chillwave, glitch, psychedelic, hip-hop, and dubstep influenced electronic music. The songs on the this EP develop nicely into catchy, inspired pop melodies. Alchemy works to provoke an overall uplifting and cleansing vibe while remaining danceable.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anilah - Warrior

Warrior is the debut album of solo vocalist and composer, Anilah.

Warrior is an incredible work that fuses together new age and old world music elements, being inspired by ritual ambient, neofolk, progressive metal, and shamanism. Anilah has created something that is best described as spiritual, cathartic, esoteric, and ethereal. A quote from her Facebook page..

"Anilah is the solo project of vocalist and composer Dréa Drury, a musician based in the Selkirk Mountains of Western Canada. Her inspirations draw from traditional shamanic sound practices, sacred chant, dark tribal, and Indian Classical. She has studied the art of using the voice as a healing modality with sound healers and shamans over the past 10 years. This has led to her own exploration of the esoteric application of sound, which she now weaves into the tapestry of her musical expression. Her compositions are a fusion of dark ambient and chants, with elements of progressive rock and visionary drone soundscapes. Despite training in a variety of musical traditions, she acknowledges her connection to nature, meditation, and moments of complete sensory absorption - to be her primary teachers. She believes that music is medicine."

Sun Worshipper - Elder Giants

New Album by Sun Worshipper. Elder Giants, combines traits of noise, ritual, ambient, drone, and groove into progressive black metal.

Nadja - Queller

Queller is the new album by the experimental noise metal duo, Nadja.

Nadja layers an astounding combination of build, texture, and progression with this release.

Here is the bio from their Facebook page.

"Nadja is a duo of Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff alternately based in Toronto, Canada & Berlin, Germany. Nadja originally began in 2003 as a solo project for Baker to explore the heavier/noisier side of his experimental/ambient guitar-based music. In 2005 Buckareff joined in order to make the project more than just a studio endeavour & allow Nadja to perform live.

Nadja creates music that has been variously described as drone metal, ambient doom, and shoegazer, combining soundscapes, electronics, & atmospheric vocals & tempering the cacophony with an ethereal melodicism such that the listener is enveloped in a sublimating wall of amorphous sound."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heathen Harvest Periodical

Heathen Harvest is a fantastic art news site that specializes in underground music. They provide excellent in-depth reviews as well as features/interviews for the darker styles of the world-wide post-industrial music scene, such as; Ambient, Metal, Drone, Noise, Darkwave, Folk, Experimental, Electronic, Industrial, Classical, and Gothic. We found out about projects such as Novemthree and Heathen Harnow via this site and highly recommend them.

Heathen Harnow - Flykt

Flykt is a new EP released by the mysterious neofolk project, Heathen Harnow.

Flykt is an album rich with ethereal atmosphere and ancestral wisdom. Minimal, dark, and melodic; Heathen Harnow works to provoke an ancient knowledge, now mostly forgotten. Sorrowful and empathetic, this album maintains a reverence for death as well as a longing for life's beauty.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Silence Is A Virus - Imperial

Imperial is the new EP from Copenhagen, Denmark based four piece alternative post-metal/rock band, Silence Is A Virus.

Imperial is a diverse and well balanced three track album that fuses together a wide variety of the newest technical developments being made across all of the many sub-genres of metal and rock. Hook driven, heavy, and progressive - Silence Is A Virus delivers with memorable riffs and surprising depth over just three songs.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

dRachEmUsiK Collaborations (onewayness & Joo Won Park)

dRachEmUsiK recently released two new albums as a part of separate collaborations with onewayness and Joo Won Park.

Immeasureable is a collaborative long-form ambient album by dRachEmUsiK (Charles Shriner) and onewayness (Adam Holquist). This album is based around the brahmavihāras or the “four immeasurables”, which is a series of Buddhist beliefs and practices. Meditative, droney, and contemplative, Immeasurable is a pleasure for the spiritual explorer.

Side Dish Side Affect is the collaborative project between Joo Won Park and Charles Shriner. This is an eclectic and experimental noise album that combines several different unusual elements. Side Dish Side Affect looks to provoke abnormal and unfamiliar emotions from the listener through improvised noise by creating abstract, organic, and textural audio environments.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Indian - From All Purity

From All Purity is the newest release from Chicago, Illinois based Noise Metal band, Indian.

Indian unleashes a scathing and hate filled delivery with the release of their fourth full length album, From All Purity. From All Purity is an intense near non-stop barrage to the senses of decaying putrid noise. Indian forgoes typical songs structure on this album in order to create a uniquely layered atmosphere of vivid darkness, a void. Pulsating walls of paralyzing sound carry on unrelenting yet satisfyingly towards this darkened rift into another dimension.

LORD MANTIS - Death Mask

Death Mask is the new album by the Chicago, Illinois based four piece Noise Metal band, LORD MANTIS.

Dark, deep, and gritty; Death Mask is a superb amalgamation of black, sludge, doom, and death among other genres of metal. LORD MANTIS drags the listener through their inner-most turmoils, grinding them abrasively into a catharsis with the cold earthen ground. Death Mask provides an interestingly progressive composition that continues turning over while adding or adjusting parts from section to section by using non-conventional or experimental song structures. LORD MANTIS has both primal and advanced technological elements present on this album, which allows for substantial depth throughout the entire work.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Black Tongue - Born Hanged

Here is the new EP, Born Hanged by Black Tongue.

Black Tongue is a five piece Doomwave Metal Band from Hull, England. Born Hanged is a devastatingly heavy album as well as being dynamic, well mixed, and high-tech; featuring a compelling fusion of many of the more "extreme" genres of metal wrapped in an Earth shattering sound design.