Thursday, September 12, 2013



From Montpellier, France, THE ALGORITHM presents the album, Polymorphic Code. Combing numerous different modern music styles and production techniques, this record has a persistent and immersive flow that is heavily groove textured. Dynamic diversity reigns as the main staying point of this album, creating a level of textural atmosphere that brings the advanced level technology present on this album to the forefront of observation.

Trojans focuses primarily on dance rhythm, changing and adapting around a consistent pulse. Feverishly mind bending transition and polyrhythm entrance the listener with a vivid mental imagery; disorientating and mesmerizing. Warp Gate Exploit starts with a soft ambiance that quickly evolves into a synthesizer driven melody. Percussive elements of this track develop and then envelope the music swiftly jettisoning the arrangement into a guitar infused powerhouse riff, which then finally drifts into a relaxing yet ominous trance.

The final track, Panic, is the longest and most sophisticated piece of music on this album and that is saying a lot. The complexity of this song is staggering, with continual breaks in interesting and unexpected directions, thus acting very much like a microcosm for the entire work. Providing an intense and euphoric completion to a non-stop astounding album, Panic comes out as a true marvel of the current music culture.


Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the instrumental metal four piece Intervals. The album In Time, features a “High Tech” tonality and seamless groove rhythms to soloed and or counterpointed passages. Demonstrating superb musicianship is the hallmark of this work as Intervals emphasizes a constantly evolving composition while keeping the listener always interested by maintaining unpredictable and enjoyable jazz styled turns.

The first track, Alchemy, breaks into a terrorizing groove laden riff after a brief electronically infused ambient soundscape introduction. Driven by this herky-jerky rhythm this song is thrown into a guitar solo that dances around this groove and then wraps back into itself while constantly progressing. Tapestry engages with a soulful and uplifting cadence, and then drifts into contemplative soloing built around this elaborate pulsation. Flying out of this passage do the instruments reconnect and work as one; interweaving as the increasingly complicated composition of this track moves along and builds to climax. Momento kicks off with fastest pacing yet but presents perhaps the most satisfying use of instrumental communication demonstrated on this album. Connecting highly expressive passages into an ever changing chorus composition as the song develops.

Intervals provide the listener with a unique look inside of themselves, asking the listener to be patient not only in listening but in life. In Time flows with a natural un-hindrance, much akin to a river. Moving seamlessly around obstacles and then backing into its’ own self again, and again.