Monday, August 19, 2013

Entropia, MIKTEK, & Limalo


The Oleśnica, Poland, based band Entropia presents the title track from their debut, Vesper. This song joins together several elements of modern metal music, bringing the listener through elegant and darkened passages. Mournful and soulful, Vesper reminds of a moonlit funeral held for those whom have passed tragically far to early in life.


Electronic based MIKTEK, from Mytilene, Greece, brings the track Elephants. The featured track from [ Elsewhere ], Elephants is a relaxing song, latent with mysterious and rhythmic subliminal ambiance. A sterile tone and beat takes prominence drawing the listeners attention to the underlying static of voices and calming piano melody.


Magic Lantern is a new track by Dallas-Fort Worth Texas’ own Limalo, featured on the album, Human Bloom. Provoking a vision of flames flickering in the breeze on a warm summer’s night; swaying gently back and forth, entangling the listener in déjà vu. Hopefully reminding of better times, sending the listener into a dreamland where sleepy melodies sweep them away and hold them tight.